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Top Code Violations


High Grass and Weeds (seasonal)

The Problem. Any property that has grass or weeds taller than 12 inches is declared a nuisance. Property owners should be notified one time via certified mail to mow down tall weeds and grass. If property owners fail to keep the grass mowed, the city will send in a mowing contractor to mow and clean property.

The Solution. Property owners must monitor their property and keep grass below 12 inches.


Trash and Debris

The Problem. Whatever is dangerous, hazardous, offensive or detrimental to human life or health.

The Solution. Remove from property debris, rubbish, trash, dismantled furnishings or items stored in the yard or on porches.


Junk Vehicles

The Problem. Any motor vehicle that meets the State of Texas definition of a junked motor vehicle. A junk vehicle is identified as:

Not having a valid license plate or inspection sticker; being wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled or discarded; being inoperable for more than 30 consecutive days; and being visible from public property or rights of way.

The Solution. Make sure vehicles meet requirements of the city ordinance.


Substandard Structures

The Problem. Not meeting or conforming with one or more of the minimum building standards ordinance to an extent that endangers the life, health, morals, property, safety or welfare of the public.

The Solution. Maintain property and ensure that it meets the city's minimum building standard codes.


Animal Related Issues

The Problem. Having more than the minimum number of animals permitted by city ordinance.

The Solution. Maintain the number of animals as required by city ordinance.


Zoning Issues

The Problem. Any person operating a motor vehicle junk/storage yard or a business from residentially zoned property, any encroachment of public right of way, installation of illegal fences, the accumulation of outside storage or any illegal land use that is contrary to the city's comprehensive zoning ordinance.

The Solution. Conform to the city's ordinance.


Oversized Vehicles

The Problem. Any oversized commercial vehicle.

The Solution. Do not park any oversized commercial vehicle in a residential area.



The Problem. Property owners who fail to remove graffiti from their property.

The Solution. Remove any visible graffiti from property.